10th Kentucky Cavalry Muster Roll

From Thomas Speed's The Union Regiments of Kentucky.

Name Rank Company Notes
Abbott, John Private M  
Abrams, Samuel Private B  
Acker, Andrew Private M  
Adair, William D. Private H  
Adams, James W. Sergeant L  
Adams, John Q. Private I  
Adams, Merideth Private M  
Adams, Richmond Private K  
Adams, Robert Private F  
Adamson, Charles C. Private I  
Addams, Samuel Private E  
Addams, William Private E  
Adle, Louis Private K  
Ales, James L. Private H  
Alexander, Hiram Private M  
Alley, Floyd H. Private F  
Anderson, Abraham Private M  
Anderson, Henry T. Private C  
Anderson, John S. Private B  
Anderson, Jonathan Private B  
Anthes, Peter Private E  
Applegate, Jerome B. Private G  
Applegate, Mason Private G  
Applegate, William Private G  
Applegate, William W. Sergeant G  
Arnold, John Private C  
Arnold, John Private H  
Arnold, Thomas Private H  
Arnold, William T. Private C  
Arrasmith, Wm. N. Private B  
Arther, Merideth Corporal F  
Asbury, Tapley T. Corporal I  
Asley, Andrew J. Private L  
Aslinger, Samuel Private M  
Bailey, Charles A. Private M  
Bailey, John Private A  
Baird, Edgar Corporal B  
Baird, Samuel Private B  
Baldwin, David Private F  
Baley, Joshua Private I  
Ball, John M. Private A  
Ball, Thomas Private K  
Ballard, Elisha Private F  
Ballard, Stephen Private F  
Baltzell, Henry J. Corporal C  
Banner, Joseph Private C  
Barber, Thomas 1st Lieutenant L  
Barbour, John Q. Private D  
Barker, Thomas J. Private E  
Bartram, Thomas Private F  
Basford, Shilo Private B  
Baston, Wm. P. Private E  
Bays, William S. Private K  
Beams, Martin L. Private C  
Becket, John W. Sergeant A  
Becket, Livingston Corporal D  
Bell, John Private H  
Bellew, Benjamin Private M  
Bellomy, Thomas Private F  
Bench, Arthur Private E  
Bendel, Henry Private D  
Benet, Thomas H. Private L  
Bennett, Alfred T. Asst. Surgeon Staff  
Berry, Wm. T. 2nd Lieutenant C commissioned brevet 2nd Lieutenant September 11, 1862; mustered out March 31, 1863; commissioned 2nd Lieutenant June 29, 1863
Bevis, Andy Private B  
Bevis, Oliver Private B  
Bierbower, James C. 1st Lieutenant H  
Biggers, John T. Corporal I  
Biggs, Jarious Private K  
Biglow, Allen Private E  
Biglow, Mason Private E  
Birchard, John Wagoner I  
Bishop, Richard Private C  
Black, James M. Private K  
Blackburn, George E. Corporal M  
Blackburn, James M. 2nd Lieutenant M  
Blair, Joseph B. Corporal C wounded by the enemy at Triplett's Bridge, Ky., June 16, 1863
Blanchard, Frank Private D  
Blanchard, Frank Private D  
Blanchard, John Corporal D  
Blanton, David Private A  
Blevins, James P. Private F  
Blount, John Private B  
Blumer, John Private K  
Blunt, James W. Private G  
Boggs, Robert J. Sergeant G  
Boley, Benjamin Private G  
Bolin, Van S. Private L  
Bolling, Isaac Private K  
Bolling, Wm. P. Private K  
Booth, Thomas Private M  
Bothman, Christian Private C  
Bowen, George Private M  
Bowman, Thistle M. Corporal F  
Boyd, James Private L  
Bradford, William Sergeant D  
Bradshaw, Thomas J. Private B  
Bramble, John P. Private A  
Bramble, Wm. P. Private A  
Branam, Isaac C. Private F  
Branham, David D. Private K  
Branham, Joseph Private K  
Brasher, Louis B. Private B  
Bratton, John Private I  
Bratton, Luther Private I  
Breach, William Private I  
Bredin, John W. Private K  
Breeze, Reason Private H  
Brewer, David W. Sergeant F  
Brewer, Edward Corporal G  
Brewer, James B. 2nd Lieutenant G  
Bricker, Oscar Saddler D  
Bridges, Samuel P. Private L  
Brooking, Leonidas Private M  
Brookover, George W., Jr. Private D  
Brookover, George W., Sr. Private D  
Brooks, Adolphus Private H  
Brothers, Francis M. Corporal G  
Brown, George W. Private E  
Brown, Henry R. Sergeant F  
Brown, James M. Corporal B  
Brown, John Mason Major Staff  
Browning, Benj. Private E  
Browning, Harrison R. Private I  
Browning, Solomon T. Private C  
Browning, William Private F  
Browning, William S. Private C  
Bruce, Amaziah C. Private F  
Bruce, Daniel Private F  
Bruce, Nelson D. Private F  
Bryan, David A. Private F  
Bryant, Bailey D. Sergeant H  
Bryant, Jonathan Private I  
Burk, James M. 2nd Lieutenant F  
Burke, Patrick Private D  
Burnet, Jesse Private D  
Burns, Benjamin Private K  
Burns, Charles H. 1st Lieutenant A promoted from private to sup. 2nd lieutenant September 5, 1862; to 2nd lieutenant January 9, 1863; to 1st lieutenant March 19, 1863
Burns, John Private C  
Burriss, Benjamin Private D  
Burton, James E. Corporal K  
Burton, James W. Private K  
Butcher, Thurman L. Corporal K  
Butler, Durret S. Private A  
Caffrey, John A. Sergeant K  
Caldwell, Benjamin Private I  
Caldwell, Henry W. 1st Lieutenant B  
Call, Daniel Private C  
Call, Nimrod Wagoner C  
Callaghan, Wm. H. H. Sergeant K  
Callihan, Benj. S. Private K  
Calvert, Max O. Private I  
Campbell, Charles W. Private I  
Campbell, Edward Private G  
Campbell, George M. Private C  
Campbell, John Private E  
Campbell, Thomas Private C awaiting sentence by court-martial
Campbell, William Private B  
Canaday, George W. Private I  
Canafax, John S. Private I  
Cappell, William Private M  
Carmichael, Porter L. Private M  
Carpenter, Charles Private A  
Carpenter, Daniel Private H  
Carpenter, James E. Farrier A  
Carpenter, Jesse Private A  
Carpenter, Joseph R. Private D  
Carpenter, Thomas M. Private D  
Carpenter, William F. Private A  
Carr, Abram H. Private G  
Carr, Harvey Private K  
Carr, Oliver Private E  
Carr, Plummer T. Private I  
Carter, William Private M  
Case, William Henry Private D  
Casseday, Henry G. Private C  
Cassity, John A. Private L  
Castner, Casper 1st Lieutenant F  
Castner, James K. P. Sergeant F  
Cazzell, Amanza Sergeant K  
Cazzell, George W. Private K  
Cazzell, Joseph M. Private K  
Charles, Robert Private L  
Chatfield, Seth Private F  
Childs, Edward Private G  
Clark, Enos Private I  
Clark, Jethro Private K  
Clark, Levi V. Private G  
Clark, William M. Private K  
Clarke, Benjamin T. Private B  
Clarke, Lewis M. Captain I  
Click, William Private M  
Cline, John G. Private B  
Cline, Samuel F. Private L  
Clutter, Charles A. Private H  
Cobb, Benjamin Corporal A  
Cobb, Isaac L. Private H  
Cobb, Jeremiah Private H  
Cochran, Hiram C. Private D  
Cochran, Joseph Private D  
Colburn, Samuel K. Private H  
Cole, Samuel Private I  
Colegrove, Melvin Private K  
Collins, Edward A. Private H  
Collins, Gilbert A. Wagoner A  
Collins, Henry S. P. Private I  
Collins, Horace P. Private I  
Collins, Nathaniel Farrier K  
Collins, Theodore W. Corporal E  
Comstock, William F. Private A  
Conley, Edward W. Private H  
Conley, John Private I  
Connel, George S. Private H  
Connel, Philip Private H  
Coonrod, Robert P. Private A  
Cooper, Benjamin F. Private I  
Cooper, Charles Private L  
Cooper, Ephraim Private L  
Cooper, George W. Private G  
Cooper, Jack N. Private D  
Cooper, James R. Private D  
Cooper, John J. Corporal K  
Cooper, Joseph G. Private D  
Cooper, Mason Private I  
Cooper, Robert Private I  
Cooper, Samuel Private I  
Cooper, Samuel L. Private I  
Cooper, William B. Private A  
Coppers, Edward Sergeant M  
Coppers, George H. Private M  
Cord, Albert A. Private C  
Cord, William J. Private C  
Cottingham, Joseph T. Brevet 2nd Lieutenant I  
Cowan, George Private M  
Coyle, James B. Private B  
Cracraft, Charles Private I  
Craig, Jackson Private A  
Crain, John H. Hospital Steward Staff  
Crain, John H. Sergeant A  
Crapper, George W. Private G  
Crapper, Wheatley D. Private G  
Crawford, William H. Corporal L  
Crawford, William J. Private H  
Craycraft, Foster C. Corporal I  
Creighton, Jacob Private B  
Crippen, Charles H. Private D  
Crockett, James W. Private B  
Crupper, Robert P. Private E  
Crupper, Robert P. Sergeant Major Staff  
Cullans, John Private E  
Cullins, James Saddler E  
Curtis, William S. Private I  
Dale, Thomas B. Private A  
Danfort, William R. Corporal M  
Darnall, Burton W. 2nd Lieutenant B  
Darnall, Thomas L. Private B  
Daugherty, Andrew J. Teamster F  
Davidson, Alfred M. Private K  
Davis, David Private I  
Davis, Francis M. Farrier L  
Davis, Jesse Private K  
Davis, William H. Private F  
Davisson, Jesse Private K  
Dawson, Charles Private D  
Day, John B. Private L  
Day, Truman Sergeant L  
Debell, William Sergeant H  
Debelle, Augustine Teamster H  
Deer, George W. Private K  
Deetrich, Henry Private K  
Degman, Charles C. Private B  
Demoss, Lewis Private L  
Dennis, John Austin Private B  
Denton, Charles Private M  
Denton, Edward Private B  
Denton, Francis G. Sergeant L  
Denton, Jackson Private M  
Denton, William R. Private L  
Denton, William W. Private L  
Detro, Sylvester Private G  
Devore, Newton Sup. 2nd Lieutenant E  
Dice, John Farrier I  
Diggens, Columbus Private F  
Dingus, Charles W. Private F  
Dingus, Henry M. Private F  
Dixon, William Private B  
Dixson, John T. Private G  
Dodd, Darius Private D  
Dodd, John T. Private G  
Dodson, William S. Private I  
Dodson, Wm. B. Saddler I  
Doggett, Benjamin W. Farrier B  
Doggett, John Private B  
Donahue, Alfred Private B  
Donaldson, George W. Private I  
Donaldson, John T. Private I  
Donaldson, William Private I  
Donaldson, Wm. J. Private D  
Doniphan, William A. Major Staff  
Donnelley, Francis Private H  
Doran, Patrick Private C  
Douglas, John W. Private K  
Douglas, Stephen Private K  
Douglas, Thomas Private K  
Dowdy, John Private K  
Dowry, Edward Private L  
Doyle, James Private A  
Doyle, John A. Private G  
Doyle, John Mason Private B  
Dragoo, Henry Private E  
Drake, John Private H  
Drake, Samuel Private H  
Dryden, Darius Corporal D  
Dryer, Isborn T. Private M  
Dudley, Charles Sergeant A  
Dudley, John W. Sergeant A  
Dudley, Newton S. Captain A promoted from 2nd lieutenant to 1st lieutenant January 9, 1863; to captain March 19, 1863
Dunbar, David L. Private G  
Dunbar, William H. Sergeant G  
Duncan, James H. Private C  
Dunham, James M. Private G  
Dunn, Charles H. Private H