10th Kentucky Cavalry Muster Roll

From Thomas Speed's The Union Regiments of Kentucky.

Name Rank Company Notes
Kabler, Frederick Private I  
Kabler, James E. Private I  
Keatley, Henry S. Private I  
Keel, John A. Private C  
Keith, Joseph F. Sergeant I  
Keller, Clarkson Corporal M  
Kelley, Samuel B. 2nd Lieutenant H  
Kelly, Elliott Corporal M  
Kelly, James T. Corporal C  
Kelly, John Private A  
Kelly, John W. Private G  
Kelly, William N. Corporal G  
Kendall, Hamilton Corporal B  
Kendall, Thomas Private A  
Kendrick, Daniel Private E  
Kendrick, Lilburn H. Sergeant F  
Kenedy, David Private G  
Kennedy, James T. Private D  
Kestner, James H. Private F  
Kibbe, Louis L. Sergeant F  
Kidwell, Andrew J. Private A  
Kilgore, John Private D  
Kilgore, Joseph, Jr. Private D  
Kilgore, Joseph, Sr. Private D  
Kilgore, Richard Private D  
Kinard, Elbridge Private G  
Kincaid, Dyer B. Sergeant E  
Kincaid, Joseph C. Private E  
Kincaid, Mathew C. Private E  
King, John Private L  
King, Sebastian Private C  
Kirk, David Private E  
Kirk, Henry Private E  
Kirk, William H. Private D  
Kirkendoll, Wm. H. Private G  
Kise, Americus Saddler G  
Kitrick, David Private B  
Knight, Charles K. Sergeant C  
Knight, John W. Private C  
Lambert, William C. Wagoner K  
Lanagan, Peter A. Sergeant A  
Large, Vinson F. Private F  
Lathrem, Joab Private L  
Lawless, James Private E  
Lawlyes, John W. Private I  
Lawwill, Job W. Private D  
Lawwill, William H. Sergeant D  
Leach, Algin Private B  
Lee, Richard C. Corporal A  
Lee, Thomas Private F  
Legg, John W. Private M  
Legroo, John Private K  
Letts, John J. Farrier L  
Levy, John P. Private C  
Lewis, Fielding Private I  
Lewis, George W. Private A  
Lewis, James C. Private F  
Lewis, John F. Private E  
Lightfoot, John N. Sergeant G  
Liker, James F. Private L  
Linville, John Private E  
Littlejohn, Joseph F. Private A  
Littrell, Henry S. Private K  
Livingston, William C. Sergeant M  
Logsden, Andrew J. Private E  
Lokey, Joseph T. 1st Lieutenant E  
Lowry, James T. Private C  
Lucas, John L. Private E  
Luman, Gilbert A. Sergeant H  
Luman, Joel T. Private G  
Luman, Joshua Private G  
Luman, Thomas M. Sergeant D  
Lynam, Richard Private B  
Lynch, William W. Saddler K  
Macauley, Colbert Private F  
Maddox, George R. Private L  
Maddux, Joseph F. Private A  
Madison, Darius W. Sergeant E  
Magowen, Harrison Private H  
Magowen, William Private H  
Maguire, Samuel Asst. Surgeon Staff  
Mains, Joseph Private E  
Mallen, Samuel Private M  
Maltby, R. R. Lieutenant Colonel Staff  
Manning, Thomas Private M  
Mannion, Michael Corporal D  
Mark, Samuel G. Private H  
Maros, Augustin P. Private D  
Marshall, Milton Private H  
Marshall, William L. Private A  
Maston, John T. Private I  
Mathias, Andrew A. Private K  
May, William C. Private F  
McCann, Alexander Farrier G  
McCardy, Joseph J. Sergeant H  
McCarthey, Milton Sergeant I  
McClelland, C.J. Brevet 2nd Lieutenant D  
McClurg, Josiah Private C  
McConnel, Nathan H. Sergeant F  
McCord, George L. 1st Lieutenant I  
McCord, Hiram B. Private C  
McCord, Thomas F. Private C  
McCormick, Michael Private D  
McCue, James Private B  
McDaniel, James Private H  
McDaniel, John Private G  
McDonald, Henry C. Private I  
McDonald, Samuel Private E  
McDowell, John Private I  
McFerron, Wm. J. Private M  
McGowan, Harvey Private A arrested September 5, 1863, for assault on a commissioned officer and forwarded to Louisville for trial
McGowan, William Private K  
McGraty, Dennis Private L  
McGreever, Cornelius Private H  
McGregor, James M. Sergeant L  
McGuire, William Private K  
McIlvain, James Farrier C  
McIntire, Alfred D. Corporal H  
McIntosh, James Corporal H  
McIntosh, William Private E  
McKee, Andrew S. Private L  
McKee, George Private A  
McKee, James Private A  
McKellup, Marcellus Private G  
McKinley, Amos Corporal E  
McLain, Joseph Private B  
McMahan, Henry P. Private E  
McMichael, Samuel Sergeant B  
Meadous, Alexander Private G  
Meadous, William Private G  
Meeker, Benjamin F. Private I  
Mendal, John T. Private H  
Merril, Samuel Private I  
Metcalfe, Eli P. Corporal E  
Michael, M. Bolan Sergeant M  
Middleton, Louis Private G  
Miller, Jacob Private E  
Miller, James W. Private C  
Miller, Louis Private F  
Minear, Joshua Private G  
Minor, Ellis Private B  
Mitchel, Thomas W. Sergeant I  
Mitchell, Edward Private D  
Moffett, Garrett D. Sergeant B  
Molone, John R. Sergeant E  
Montgomery, Stephen Private K  
Moody, Joseph Private A  
Moody, Martin P. Farrier A  
Moore, George W. Private B  
Moore, Isaac Sergeant E  
Moore, John F. 2nd Lieutenant D  
Moore, John F. Commissary Staff  
Moore, John T. E. Private I  
Moore, Leroy F. Corporal K  
Moore, Thomas E. Private M  
More, Tolifaro Y. Corporal L  
Moreland, George W. Private B  
Moreland, Newton Private B  
Morent, William Private F  
Morford, Samuel E. Private D  
Morgan, David P. Private H  
Morgan, John C. Private H  
Morgan, John C. Private H  
Morgan, John V. Private H  
Morgan, Nathan Teamster F  
Morgan, Willis Private L  
Morris, James Private D  
Morris, John R. Sergeant E  
Morrison, Henry C. Private L  
Morrison, Wm. W. Private E  
Morrissey, Christopher Private D  
Mott, Frank Captain F  
Mott, John J. Private L  
Mullens, Elias Sergeant K  
Mulvey, James C. Private H  
Murphey, Archibald Private G  
Mutschelknans, John Farrier C  
Myers, Alonzo Private B  
Myers, Benjamin F. Corporal B  
Myers, Edgar Private B  
Myers, George J. Private D  
Myers, John Wagoner F  
Myers, Phillips Private E  
Nailor, Alfred Private E  
Nash, Charles T. Private G  
Nealis, Charles Wagoner L  
Nealis, Charles R. Private L  
Neaves, Nimrod Private E  
Nelson, Jacob Captain K  
Newkirk, Joseph Private E  
Newman, John F. Teamster B  
Nickoson, Francis M. Private I  
Nodler, Vincent Private K  
Nolen, Epison Private K  
Nolen, John F. Private D  
Norman, Elbert Private G  
Nute, Charles Captain H  
O'Conner, James Private H  
Oldham, George W. Private D  
Oliver, Theodore Private M  
O'Maley, Patrick Private D  
Ormstead, John W. Private F  
Orndorf, Elisha Private F  
Ort, Lewis P. Chief Bugler Staff  
Ort, Louis P. Bugler D  
Otto, Frederick Sergeant D  
Ousley, Edward Private F  
Outten, Caburn D. Sergeant D  
Overley, William H. Teamster C  
Overly, Jonathan Private C  
Overly, Robert H. Private C  
Overly, Thos. P. Private C  
Overton, Creed Private L  
Overturff, Harvey M. Private E  
Owens, Ambrose D. Wagoner H  
Owens, Athelston Private I  
Owens, Edward Corporal I  
Owens, George H. Sergeant C  
Owens, Jerry D. Sergeant A  
Owens, Thomas Private A  
Owsley, Henry W. Private F  
Palmer, Clinton C. Private E  
Parker, John L. Sergeant G  
Parker, William H. Private L  
Parsons, William J. Private C  
Patten, Samuel E. Private A  
Patton, Joseph A. Sergeant B  
Paul, John Private I  
Paul, John, Jr. Private I  
Payne, Isaac C. Private D  
Paynter, Francis M. Private A  
Paynter, Robert Private A  
Paynter, Thomas Private A  
Pearce, John A. Private L  
Pearce, John M. Private L  
Peed, Charles Corporal H  
Pell, Christopher Private G  
Pendlan, Wm. W. Private L  
Penix, Robert Private K  
Peppin, Gustavus Private G  
Perat, William Private B  
Perkins, John Private L  
Perkins, Joseph Private L  
Perkins, Louis Private B  
Pernel, James M. Private H  
Perry, Henry L. Private M  
Pervis, Hiram Private L  
Pesterfield, Wm. Private M  
Philips, Darius Private I  
Pickers, John A. Sergeant M  
Plank, Andrew Private C  
Plank, Francis M. Private C  
Plank, Jacob Teamster C  
Plummer, Abram Private G  
Plummer, Martin P. Private G  
Plummer, Orlando Private G  
Poe, Joseph Private M  
Poe, Wm. J. Private I  
Pohlman, John Private B  
Pollitte, Henry Private G  
Polly, Jackson Private G  
Porter, James W. Private G  
Poteet, David G. R. Private F  
Power, Lawson S. Private H  
Powers, John W. Corporal A  
Powers, Joseph C. Private D  
Prather, Eli F. Private L  
Prather, George W. Farrier K  
Prather, Thomas Corporal I  
Prichard, Thomas Farrier F  
Pritchard, Charles N. Sergeant F  
Pritchard, James Private K  
Pumpelly, Benj. A. Corporal I  
Quinlin, Newton Private E  
Rader, Andrew J. Private M  
Ragsdale, Edward G. Private M  
Rainey, Edward A. Private B  
Rainey, Wm. S. Corporal B  
Ratcliffe, Wm. D. Captain E  
Rathburn, Francis M. Captain M  
Ray, Larkin Private I  
Rebarker, Frank Private E  
Rednours, James Private M  
Reed, Daniel W. Private H  
Reese, Amos Private E  
Reese, Richard Private M  
Reeves, Benjamin F. Private L  
Reeves, Henry C. Private A  
Reeves, James F. Private L  
Reeves, Noah Private L  
Reeves, Spencer Private L  
Reeves, Wm. T. Corporal L  
Regan, David Private A  
Reighley, William A. Private E  
Resel, Leander A. Private C  
Revore, John Private E  
Reynolds, John P. Private K  
Rice, Charles Private F  
Rice, Charles W. Sergeant C  
Rice, Henry J. Private C  
Rice, Jesse Private H  
Rice, William E. Captain C  
Rice, William M. Private E  
Richards, John Private L  
Rickman, Pleasant H. Private F  
Riddell, John Private M  
Riddle, Andrew R. Farrier B  
Riddle, John Private B  
Riflemaker, Jacob Private H  
Rigdon, James E. Private H  
Rigdon, John Private G  
Rigdon, John F. Private A  
Rigg, David Private F  
Ringo, Robert G. Captain A  
Roberson, John W. Private K  
Roberst, David E. Sergeant D  
Roberts, David E. Com. Sergeant Staff  
Robertson, John H. Corporal A  
Robertson, William Private L  
Robey, Thomas Private B  
Robison, Louis Private F  
Robson, John Private B  
Rogers, Charles S. Captain B  
Rogers, John Saddler B  
Rogers, John G. Captain D  
Rogers, Joseph W. Private B  
Rominens, Abner Private E  
Rose, Emery Saddler A  
Ross, George W. Private C  
Ross, Silas Private L  
Rounds, James Private F  
Royse, John W. Corporal L  
Royse, John W. Private A  
Ruark, Sylvester Private G  
Ruggles, James M. Corporal I  
Ruggless, Jesse H. Private G  
Russell, Charles W. Sergeant K  
Russell, John D. Captain K  
Rutan, Abraham Private C  
Ryan, James Private A