10th Kentucky Cavalry Muster Roll

From Thomas Speed's The Union Regiments of Kentucky.

Name Rank Company Notes
Eadon, John P. Private B  
Eaton, James Sergeant M  
Edens, James Private K  
Edwards, Charles S. Corporal F  
Edwards, Elisha T. Corporal F  
Elliott, Robert B. Private L  
Ellis, Andrew R. Private E  
Ellis, Simon Private D  
Ellis, Van Dake Private E  
Ellis, William R. Sergeant D  
Ely, Andrew J. Private K  
Ely, Isaac Private K  
Emmons, Evannus E. Private A  
Emmons, James M. Private L  
Emons, Charles Wagoner L  
England, Jacob Private I  
Ensor, Napoleon B. Private M  
Ervin, William E. Private C  
Erwin, Thomas J. Corporal C  
Eryest, George Private E  
Estep, Benjamin Private H  
Evans, David L. 1st Lieutenant K  
Evans, George R. Private M  
Evans, James M. Sergeant L  
Evans, Magnus T. Private A  
Evans, Milton Captain G  
Evans, Washington Private A  
Evans, William L. Private L  
Fain, James M. Private F  
Fain, James M. Private F  
Fall, James C. Private K  
Farmer, John W. Private K  
Farons, Daniel N. Private L  
Farons, John Private L  
Farow, Andrew J. 1st Lieutenant G  
Fearis, George N. Private G  
Fenton, Richard Private L  
Fenwick, John W. Private A  
Fenwick, William Private B  
Ferguson, David M. Private K  
Ferguson, William G. Sergeant L  
Ferrin, Leroy Private A  
Ferrin, Thaddeus M. Corporal E  
Fetter, George QuarterMaster Staff  
Fitch, Robert C. Sergeant A  
Fithian, Washington Surgeon Staff  
Flaugher, David S. Private D  
Fleming, J. F. Surgeon Staff  
Flinders, Wm. W. Private I  
Foley, James L. Major Staff  
Foley, Morris Private B  
Fondrey, Thomas P. Corporal L  
Forman, George W. Private G  
Forman, Isaac Private G  
Forman, Thomas Private G  
Forman, Thomas S. Sergeant C  
Foster, Noah W. Corporal F  
Fowler, Francis M. Private H  
Foxworthy, Belville Private H  
France, William A. Private K  
Freeman, James Private F  
Friday, Philip Private E  
Friend, Manfred S. Saddler F  
Fristoe, John J. Private D  
Fristoe, William T. Corporal D  
Fry, Walter W. Private G  
Gabby, Thomas B. Corporal E  
Gage, Henry C. Sergeant M  
Gale, Reuben H. Private I  
Gallager, Edward Private H  
Gallun, Charles G. Bugler D  
Gardner, Harrison Private A  
Gardner, John M. Private A  
Gardner, Sinclair T. Private A  
Garrett, Fletcher Private F  
Garrett, George W. Private G  
Garrett, Howard Private M  
Garrison, Martin Private I  
Gass, Henry Private M  
Gatrell, Thomas Private I  
Gault, Ulyses W. Corporal I  
Gay, William H. Private I  
Getts, John Private K  
Gibson, David Private F  
Gibson, James Private F  
Gifford, Hillory H. Private I  
Giles, John Private E  
Gilkison, George Private F  
Gilkison, Noble Private F  
Gilkison, William Private G  
Gillespie, Nehemiah Private H  
Gillmore, Thomas Private A  
Gillum, Martin Private H  
Glascock, Thomas Corporal H  
Glason, Michael Private A  
Glass, Andrew Private A  
Glass, Solomon P. Private A  
Glover, George Private D  
Glover, Richard Private D  
Glover, Richard C. Private C  
Glover, Thomas A. Private C  
Gooding, Hardin H. Private H  
Goodpasture, Valentine Private B  
Gore, James W. Wagoner B  
Gore, John Private H  
Gosh, Herman Corporal E  
Grady, James Private D  
Graham, James W. Farrier G  
Grant, Addison D. Corporal D  
Grant, Wm. J. Private H  
Graves, Highland Private C  
Graves, John H. Private C  
Gray, Dexter B. Private I  
Gray, Henry Private L  
Gray, James Private L  
Gray, John M. Captain L  
Gray, Samuel Private L  
Gray, Sylvester Private L  
Grayson, Joseph J. Private A  
Grayson, Joshua Sergeant H  
Greeley, Patrick Private C  
Green, Henry E., Jr. Private D  
Green, William, Jr. Farrier D  
Griffin, John G. Teamster B  
Griffin, Leroy Private A  
Griffitts, Harvey Private K  
Griffitts, Robert F. Private K  
Griflin, George W. Private B  
Grigston, John W. Private D  
Grimes, Lafayette Private D  
Grimsley, Gabriel Private B  
Grinsley, John G. Private B  
Grove, Braxton M. Teamster A  
Gully, Larkin J. Private H  
Gully, Louis Private H  
Gully, William J. Private H  
Gunstead, George Private E  
Hacker, George W. Private M  
Hall, Alfried C. Private L  
Hall, Daniel B. Private M  
Hall, Orrin Sergeant C  
Ham, Samuel H. Private A  
Ham, Samuel P. Private C  
Hamilton, Munford Private E  
Hamlin, James H. Private G  
Hammonds, Edward C. Private L  
Hammonds, Morton G. Private L  
Hampton, Roland T. Private D  
Hampton, Samuel T. Private G  
Hancock, Chri. C. Private D  
Haney, Joseph Private G  
Hanley, Isaac Corporal B  
Hanna, Bricon D. Corporal G  
Hanna, Hugh Private G  
Hardesty, George W. Private K  
Hardin, William T. Private D  
Harding, William M. Private A  
Hardy, John Private H  
Harlan, Theodore B. 2nd Lieutenant E  
Harman, James M. Private C  
Harman, John G. Private C  
Harman, Joseph A. Private C  
Harman, Mathew D. Private C  
Harman, Wesley H. Private C  
Harmon, Robert Private C  
Harover, Francis M. Private D  
Harris, James Private L  
Harris, Richard B. Private D  
Harrison, George J. Private K  
Harrison, Henry P. Private A  
Harry, John E. Private H  
Harry, Wm. A. Private I  
Hartley, James Private H  
Hartley, Reuben Private H  
Harvey, William P. Private G  
Harvey, Wm. P. Private D  
Harvin, Jeremiah Corporal I  
Hastings, Alfred Private K  
Hastings, Thomas Private F  
Hatcher, Elijah J. Private H  
Hawkins, Achis C. Private L  
Hawkins, John B. Private L  
Hawkins, Louis P. Private H  
Hawkins, Richard Corporal L  
Hawkins, William M. Farrier H  
Hay, Henry Private E  
Hays, Alexander Private D  
Hedge, Henry Clay Private B  
Hedges, Hiram C. Private H  
Hedges, James A. Private A  
Hedges, James K. Private H  
Hedges, Levi M. Saddler L  
Hedges, Marcus N. Farrier H  
Hedges, Thomas E. Corporal A  
Hedrick, William W. Private B  
Hellin, James A. Private D  
Helphinsteine, Wm. P. Private A  
Henderlight, William Private M  
Henderson, Benj. F. Private I  
Hendrick, James P. Chaplain Staff  
Hendrickson, Daniel 2nd Lieutenant G  
Hendrickson, James M. Private G  
Hendrickson, William H. Sergeant G  
Hennan, James Private B  
Henney, Henry H. Farrier E  
Hensley, John W. Private F  
Heronden, Solomon P. Private L  
Hertel, George F. 2nd Lieutenant K  
Hetser, Elias Private E  
Hey, Benjamin A. Corporal M  
Hiatt, William T. Saddler C under arrest for shooting a citizen
Hicks, James C. Private C  
Higgins, James Private L  
Hight, Joseph H. Private I  
Hiley, James Private L  
Hill, Alfred O. H. P. Private M  
Hill, Edward L. Private D  
Hill, Frederick E. Private H  
Hill, Thomas O. Private C  
Hillis, Daniel S. Private G  
Hillis, Samuel G. Sergeant G  
Himes, Charles F. Private G  
Himes, Charles P. Corporal G  
Himes, James H. Private A  
Himes, John R. Private G  
Himes, Robert R. Corporal G  
Hiner, Joseph Corporal A  
Hinton, Charles C. Private I  
Hise, Charles Private G  
Hise, Philip Private G  
Hitt, John S. Private I  
Hoil, Thomas Private A  
Hoil, William Private A  
Holder, Simeon Private M  
Holland, Joseph S. Private G  
Holland, Wright Private G  
Holliday, James P. Private H  
Holmes, Austin Corporal H  
Honaker, John Corporal F  
Honaker, Samuel L. Sergeant F  
Hood, Andrew Private K  
Hood, David Private K  
Hood, Jesse D. Private K  
Hood, John S. Private C  
Hoops, John R. Private D  
Hopkins, James W. Private C  
Hopkins, Marion F. Private C  
Hopper, John Teamster H  
Hopper, Morgan B. Sergeant H  
Horgett, Basil R. Corporal L  
Hornback, William Private B  
Howe, Theodore Private K  
Howell, John Private F  
Howell, Samuel Private F  
Hudson, Robert Private A  
Hudson, Robert Quartermaster Sergeant Staff  
Huff, George Private C  
Huffman, Albert Private F  
Huffman, Alfred Private G  
Huffman, Charles P. Private G  
Hughes, Alex M. Private E  
Hughes, Jacob M. Private E  
Hughes, Philip C. Private G  
Hughes, Theodore Private G  
Hughes, Wilson W. Private E  
Hunt, George W. Private G  
Hunt, Lewis W. Private C  
Hunt, Nelson, Jr. Sergeant A  
Hunter, Joseph M. Corporal K  
Hunton, Marion D. Private M  
Hurst, Jesse L. Teamster A  
Hurst, Walter W. Private A  
Hutton, James Corporal H  
Ingram, Franklin A. Private L  
Ingram, John Sergeant L  
Ingrams, Jonathan Private L  
Isham, Nicholas H. Farrier I  
Ishmael, John Private C  
Ishmael, Levi Private C  
Jackson, Anderson Private I  
Jackson, Jefferson Private I  
Jaco, William Private M  
Jacobs, Jonathan Private E  
Jacobs, Samuel Private E  
Jacobs, Smith Private E  
Jacobs, William Private E  
James, John E. H. Private H  
James, John W. Private H  
James, Richard P. Private H  
James, Thomas R. Farrier D  
January, Horace Corporal D  
Jemison, David N. Private I  
Jenkins, William Private K  
Jimerson, Oliver Private L  
Johnson, Hiram Private F  
Johnson, James Private F  
Johnson, Thomas J. Corporal L  
Johnson, Timothy Private G  
Johnson, William Private D  
Johnson, Wm. B. Private K  
Johnson, Wm. L. Sergeant E  
Joice, John Private C  
Jolly, John S. Private E  
Jones, Alfred E. Corporal A  
Jones, Andrew Private M  
Jones, Derius Private G  
Jones, John K. Private L  
Jones, Thomas A. 2nd Lieutenant A promoted from 1st sergeant to 2nd lieutenant March 19, 1863; discharged April 1, 1863
Jones, William B. Private G  
Jones, Wm. M. Sergeant A  
Joyse, Edward Private L