10th Kentucky Cavalry Muster Roll

From Thomas Speed's The Union Regiments of Kentucky.

Name Rank Company Notes
Sanders, George W. Teamster E  
Sanders, James A. Private L  
Sartain, James Private H  
Saunders, Aaron J. Private C  
Scott, John W. Corporal H  
Scott, Ransdell G. Sergeant L  
Scudder, Archibald Sergeant D  
Secrest, Elias D. Corporal G  
Secrest, James D. Private K  
See, William F. Sergeant H  
Sellards, Abram G. Private I  
Sellards, Elias C. Corporal I  
Sellers, Andrew J. Private E  
Sha, Daniel Private D  
Shally, Thomas Private H  
Shanklin, Gordon Private A  
Shaw, Salem Private E  
Shepherd, William J. Corporal C  
Sheppard, Thomas M. Private D  
Sheppeard, Wm. E. Private K  
Shields, James M. Sergeant L  
Shivell, Henry C. Private H  
Shockey, Isaac M. Private L  
Shockey, John D. Private L  
Shockey, Washington W. Private L  
Shockley, Solomon B. Private E  
Shockley, Wm. B. 2nd Lieutenant D  
Shortley, John Corporal C  
Shott, Frank Bugler K  
Shotwell, James P. Private I  
Shultz, Benjamin B. Sergeant B  
Simpkins, John W. Private M  
Singer, Charles P. Private L  
Sires, Harvey N. Private I  
Sise, Archibald B. Private L  
Sites, Jeremiah Private D  
Smith, Andrew J. Private K  
Smith, George W. Private I  
Smith, James Corporal F  
Smith, James Private M  
Smith, James M. Private H  
Smith, Robert A. Private K  
Smith, William R. Private E  
Smoot, Walker W. Private B  
Snap, Samuel G. Private K  
Snediger, Alonzo Private B  
Snooks, William Private A  
Snow, Daniel Private F  
Soister, John Private D  
Spalding, Thomas Private I  
Sparks, Joseph A. Private G  
Sparks, William H. Private G  
Spencer, Andrew J. Sergeant B  
Spurgeon, Jeremiah Private G  
Stafford, Henry Private D  
Staggs, Alexander Private G  
Staggs, Alva R. Private K  
Staggs, David E. Private A  
Staggs, Hiram Private H  
Staggs, Joseph Private A  
Staggs, William P. Private K  
Stallcup, Francis M. Private D  
Standfield, Sampson Private L  
Stanley, Robert Private F  
Stanley, William Private F  
Star, John Farrier E  
Starrett, Daniel Private D  
Steddum, John A. Private A  
Stephens, Samuel N. Private A  
Stephens, Thomas F. Corporal B  
Stephens, William J. Private A  
Stevens, Thomas Private B  
Steward, James W. 2nd Lieutenant I  
Stewart, Daniel F. Sergeant C  
Stewart, George T. Sergeant A  
Stewart, Isaac Private B  
Stewart, James Private B  
Stewart, Jesse D. H. Private K  
Stewart, John Private B  
Stewart, John W. Private C  
Stewart, Mathew Private K  
Stewart, William Private B  
Stewart, William W. Private B  
Stone, William Private I  
Stout, Theodore Private B  
Stratton, Owen W. Sergeant I  
Stratton, Robert H. Sergeant I  
Strealy, John A. Sergeant I  
Stricklett, Thomas R. Sergeant I  
Strode, Edward S. Private A  
Suiter, John T. Private K  
Sullivan, William Private G  
Sumpter, Simon 1st Lieutenant F  
Sutton, James T. Private K  
Sutton, John C. Private D  
Swartz, Frank Private M  
Swearingen, Clement Corporal K  
Swearingen, William R. Sergeant K  
Swetman, John J. Sergeant B  
Swetnam, William W. Private B  
Taber, John R. 2nd Lieutenant L  
Taber, Robert M. Private L  
Taft, Henry Private M  
Taylor, Alexander C. Corporal C  
Taylor, Chas. M. Sergeant Major Staff  
Taylor, Francis M. Private L  
Taylor, George M. Private A  
Taylor, George W. Corporal L  
Taylor, James M. Captain A; Staff promoted from 1st lieutenant (Co. A) to captain (Co. A) January 9, 1863; to major March 18, 1863
Taylor, Mitchell Private B  
Taylor, Robert Corporal C  
Tennis, Alfred K. Private E  
Tennis, John K. Private E  
Tevis, Joshua Colonel Staff  
Thomas, Harrison Private F  
Thompson, George W. Private A  
Thompson, John A. 1st Lieutenant M  
Thompson, John J. Private D  
Thompson, John L. Farrier Staff  
Thompson, John L. Private A  
Thompson, Wilson Private L  
Thorn, John Corporal K  
Thornton, John W. Sergeant F  
Throcmorton, ??? Sergeant C  
Thurman, Naman D. Private H  
Tilley, John A. Private B  
Tinsley, Thomas Private F  
Tolle, Joseph D. Private D  
Tollen, Robert Private G  
Tolson, William Private A  
Tribby, Commodore Private C  
Trimble, Richard Sergeant B  
Triplett, William E. Corporal A  
Trumbo, George A. Sup. 2nd Lieutenant B  
Tucker, James C. Private C  
Tucker, John Private I  
Tucker, William M. Private E  
Tully, Benj. F. Private G  
Tungate, James Private M  
Turner, Charles Private H  
Turner, Louis D. Private A  
Tyler, Hiram Sergeant E  
Ulory, Isaac Private B  
Underwood, Richard Corporal B  
Urie, Benjamin B. Private H  
Vallanu, Samuel Private K  
Van Bibber, Charles W. Private K  
Van Bibber, David Bugler K  
Van Bibber, James Private I  
Van Bibber, Oba Sergeant K  
Vance, Joseph K. Private D  
Vansandt, Allen Y. Private L  
Varner, William Private C  
Vice, Aaron Private D  
Vice, Enoch B. Private C  
Wade, William R. Private K  
Waldron, Francis F. Private H  
Walker, Charles J. Colonel Staff  
Walker, James Private K  
Walker, Madison M. Sergeant G  
Walker, Robert S. Private A  
Walker, William Private F  
Wallace, Alexander Private M  
Wallingford, Columbus Private H  
Wallingford, John N. 2nd Lieutenant (Co. C); Adjutant C; Staff transferred by promotion to field and staff as adjutant June 29, 1863
Wallingford, Joshua S. Corporal H  
Wallingford, Thomas D. Private G  
Wallingford, Webster N. Corporal G  
Walton, Edward Private D  
Walton, Royse Private L  
Warder, Joseph H. Sergeant H  
Ware, Henry E. 1st Lieutenant E  
Ware, John W. Private E  
Warner, Charles O. Private B  
Warner, Jonas R. Private B  
Warner, Stephen M. Sergeant B  
Warner, Warren W. Private B  
Warnock, John W. Private K  
Warring, Richard F. Sergeant I  
Waterman, William Corporal M  
Watson, Asa Private I  
Watson, John T. Private I  
Watson, John W. Private C  
Watson, Samuel Private C  
Wayne, David Private E  
Wayne, Samuel Private C  
Weaks, John M. Private K  
Webster, George Private M  
Webster, Joseph W. Sergeant G  
Webster, Martin Private I  
Webster, Thomas Private I  
Webster, Williard Private I  
Weimer, James B. Corporal E  
Weir, Jalus Private H  
Weir, Luther A. Private H  
Weisbradt, Adam Private E  
Welch, William Private L  
Wells, Edwin R. Sergeant E  
Welsh, Charles Private G  
West, William Private C  
Whaley, William T. Private H  
Wheat, Milton K. Private F  
Wheat, Willis Private F  
Wheeler, Charles Private D  
Wheeler, Geo. H. 1st Lieutenant D  
White, Henry C. Captain I  
Wilkison, Jacob Private F  
Williams, Augustus C. Corporal E  
Williams, Benj. F. Private C  
Williams, Edmund Teamster E  
Williams, James S. Private G  
Williams, John Private E  
Williams, Joseph M. Private C  
Williams, Lorenzo D. Private K  
Williams, Mathew A. Private B  
Williams, Ranson Private K  
Williams, Samuel S. Private A  
Williams, Thomas P. Private C  
Williams, William Private G  
Willis, Benjamin F. Corporal K  
Willis, Louis Private K  
Wills, Enoch Private B  
Wills, George W. Private B  
Wills, George W. Sergeant K  
Wills, William Private D  
Wilson, David Private B  
Wilson, James Private I  
Wilson, James A. Private L  
Wilson, Ridgly Adjutant Staff  
Wilson, Robert C. Wagoner D  
Wilson, Robert H. Private C  
Wilson, Samuel Corporal C  
Winkle, William Private M  
Winters, Isaac Private F  
Witherow, James W. Private K  
Wood, Andrew T. 1st Lieutenant C  
Wood, Francis M. Private M  
Wood, Henry S. Private D  
Wood, Thomas Private M  
Wood, William H. Sergeant C  
Woodard, Joel W. Private B  
Woods, Aaron Private E  
Woods, John W. Private E  
Woods, Samuel Private E  
Workman, Michael Private I  
Workman, Thomas Corporal F  
Worstell, Simon Corporal D  
Worstell, Thomas J. Private D  
Wright, Elijah Private E  
Yago, Baltzer Sergeant D  
Yago, Louis Private B  
Yago, Philip Bugler D  
Yeates, Henry C. Private E  
Yeates, Wyatt O. Private E  
York, Glaucus H. Private F  
York, Thomas Private F  
Young, Francis M. Private C  
Young, Pascal H. Private K  
Zornes, James M. Private K